Lighthouse - Galle Lighthouse - Galle

The port of Galle dates back to the time when Arab traders sailed to China in search of eastern riches. Galle was their last haven before crossing the Bay of Bengal. Perhaps one of the earliest recorded references to Galle comes from the great Arab traveler Iban Battuta, who visited the port, which he calls Qali, in the mid 14th century. Galle was central to the spice trade route”.
The ...

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Royal Golf Club - Colombo Royal Golf Club - Colombo

The Royal Colombo Golf Club is the oldest Golf Club in Sri Lanka. Established in 1880, it is located in the capital city of Colombo at the The Ridgeway Links also known as the Anderson Golf Course. It is home to the Sri Lanka Golf Union, the governing body of Golf in Sri Lanka and maintains links with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland. Golf ...

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Beira Lake Beira Lake

Beira Lake is a lake in the heart of the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The lake is surrounded by many large businesses in the city. It occupied approximately 165 hectares of land 100 years ago and has been reduced to mere 65 hectares today due to various reasons. During the colonial era of the Portuguese, and the English the lake was used to transport goods within the city. It ...

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Colombo Dutch Museum Colombo Dutch Museum

This two storied large building reflecting the features of a 17th century Dutch Urban house was built by Thomas Van Rhee, The Dutch Governor of Sri Lanka from 1692- 1697 as his official residence. During the British period in 1796 this building was used as an arms store of army hospital, police training centre, Pettah post office and telecommunication centre. This building was preserved by a special preservation committee with ...

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National Museum National Museum

It's the museum. There’s no need to specify which one. Other countries and cities might have many parks and several museums but in Colombo we have just one of each. Pedants might point out that there’s the ramshackle Dutch museum, the decrepit Natural History museum and the obscure Bandarnaike Museum but these are at best a dusty room or two filled with a handful of nic-nacs. In terms of a ...

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Galle Face Green Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green stretches from the foyer of the Galle Face Hotel, all the way to the old parliament building now used as the Presidential Secretariat, hugging the western coast of Colombo along the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The green grassy promenade has been a place for families to gather and spend their leisure, flying kites, eating gram, playing cricket and soccer, or even simply jogging along to keep ...

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